Summertime Grilling

Summertime in San Francisco is not the warmest time of the year. In fact, San Francisco is notoriously damp and foggy, which supremely confuses tourists who come to California on summer break expecting swimsuit weather. That being said, that certainly does not stop locals from BBQing.

In classic SF fashion, when my friends decided to host a BBQ and told everyone to bring their own meat to grill, instead everyone showed up with their own organic vegetables to lather in EVOO and slap on the grill. Never before have I eaten so much grilled fennel! No complaints on my end though, I wish more BBQs were like this one.

I’m lucky that so many of my friends and coworkers are such talented cooks. For example, at the Scharffen Berger goodbye BBQ, my fellow tour guides from Gourmet Walks made some amazing summer dishes: nopales (grilled cactus), imam (a traditional Turkish dish of baked eggplant), and Nicole made her “famous” key lime pie. There is no better way to finish off a summertime grilling session than with a slice of pie or some stone fruit, but preferably both.