Sushi Night 2

In the second grade, my class had an assignment where we had to write our name, birthday, favorite color and favorite food on a star to make a collage that would hang on the classroom wall. Mine read: Shane  -  September 10, 1988 - blue - sushi. Moments after it was posted, one kid turned to another and curiously asks, "What's sushi?", to which the other kid tauntingly replied, "It's RAW FISH." The class, as if called to do so in unison, shrieked. "EWW!" I felt mortified, but also really confused. How could they not agree that sushi is the "best food ever"? Fortunately, I'm no longer a second grader, and my peers can agree that sushi is the best.

DIY sushi night is one of my favorite things to do with my friends. After being hit by a car riding my bicycle this last September (it was a rough year), my dear friends Matt and Tracy came over to keep me company and make delicious sushi with me. Tracy diligently fanned the rice, Matt served up the sake, and I hobbled around the kitchen (pretty uselessly) on my crutches. Nothing can restore happiness the same way that good company and sushi can.