Craftsman & Wolves

How do you fix indecision? Try everything!

Craftmans & Wolves is a “contemporary pâtisserie” known for its confections and savory treats that tempt every passerby on Valencia Street. The name speaks to the numerous challenges one faces when pursuing their craft, using wolves as a metaphor.

The evolving and revolving menu has a extensive a range of saccharine items such as The Devil inside (chocolate cake with toffee and cocoa nib) and the Savory Financier (a kimchi bun with spiced peanuts and scallions). 

The most surprising of the pastries is The Rebel Within: a savory muffin with asiago, sausage, green onion, and a soft cooked egg perfectly encapsulated by the surrounding dough. Cut in half, the custard-like yolk slowly drips onto the cheesey bacon muffin.

The cube cakes look like something from the MOMA café with their perfectly even edges and experimental cake decorations. Flavor combinations include a cake with black sesame, murcott mandarin, caramel, and chocolate, as well as a cake with horchata, hazelnut, and blond chocolate.

The stacked chocolate croissant is one of the few menu items available daily and throughout all four seasons. The layers upon layers of buttery filo dough held together by chocolate, are a fun and tasty mess to eat. The bakers at C&W definitely have as much fun with their food as we have eating it.