Dandelion Chocolate Factory Party

When most people hear the word “dandelion” they think of the whimsical flower that could disband its seed pods with the gentlest breath. When I hear the same word, I think of the chocolate factory that is a 15 minute walk from my house.

Bi-Rite formed a friendship with Dandelion Chocolate since the opening up their factory on Valencia Street in 2011. Bi-Rite continues to sell several varietals of Dandelion’s single-origin chocolate bars at any given time in both of its store locations. To show their gratitude for Bi-Rite’s loyalty, Dandelion hosted a summer-mixer for Bi-Rite and Dandelion staff. Seeing as they are just around the block from each other in SF’s Mission District, it was easy for most people to head there after work or go on their lunch break. The second highlight of the night was trying all of the decadent and rich confections that Dandelion had masterfully created. Peanut butter brownies, almond basque cake, Madagascar chocolate tart, hazelnut truffles, YES please.