Mission Cheese

I love my job as a food tour guide. One of the many perks of working for Gourmet Walks is I get to increase my food vocabulary and knowledge of food trends in the Bay Area. With my boss and my fellow co-worker, we shadowed a food tour in the Mission district and scouted old and new restaurants. We finished off our food expedition on Valencia Street at Mission Cheese. 

Mission Cheese serves many types of themed cheese plates, as well as savory items and cheese cut to order. Dedicated to quality ingredients and responsible food production, Mission Cheese fosters relationships with the farmers and producers of their cheeses as well as the people who make their charcuterie, bread, beer, chocolate, coffee, and wine. 

We sampled 9 different varietals of domestic cheeses (“monger’s choice”) made with cow, sheep, and goat’s milk. The cheese monger served the cheese with baguette from the neighboring bakery, Craftsman & Wolves, cornichon, and dried fruit. At the end of this tasting stop, my palate was overwhelmed and overjoyed.