Hillside Supper Club: Dinner

I fell in love with this quaint Bernal Heights restaurant when I had brunch here earlier this year. With the majority of new restaurants in SF catering to fad food trends, it is so comforting to find a restaurant serving homey food. Looking out on Precita park, dining at Hillside Supper Club feels like going over to a family friend’s house in Bernal for a really nice meal.

We started off with some pickled veggies and crostini.

We paired house made focaccia with white anchovies in lemon puree, orange segments, celery root, olive oil, and puffed amarynth. The supple bread was the perfect sponge for the citrusy and salty appetizer.

The next fall-inspired appetizer consisted of roasted baby carrots with chickpea purée, avocado, garlic yogurt, and crunchy seeds. The soft flavors mellowed out the strong taste from the previous anchovy dish, which prepared us for the main courses.

All pasta dishes should be made in the same method as this dish, with housemade noodles mixed in with seasonal ingredients. We shared the handmade garganelli pasta with black truffle vinaigrette, wild mushrooms, brussels, crispy chicken skin and pecorino. Very salty, in the best way possible, this is a pasta dish that I would not get tired of eating.

Finally, for the main course we had roasted local black cod in miso broth with dino kale, turnips, wheatberries, crispy garlic, and lotus chips. This perfect autumn fish dish perfectly encapsulates what Hillside Supper Club celebrates, which is why it is easily one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.