Eating at Incanto isn’t so much about nourishing yourself as it is about having a dining experience. While I do choose not to eat most types of meat, I am open to trying anything once. At Incanto, I tasted the meat-heavy meal with some hesitation, but was happily surprised by the tastiness of every dish and variety of flavors and ingredients that accompanied the dishes. From bruschetta topped with lamb heart and plated with cherry tomatoes, to blood sausage with oysters, to Sardinian cured tuna heart spaghetti topped with raw egg yolk, everything was uniquely prepared, beautiful presented, and very delicious.

Incanto’s chef, Chris Constantine, is a food celebrity having won Season 4 of Top Chef. He is most known for his  culinary techniques using ALL parts of the animal including, but not limited to, the heart, intestines, and blood. He is particularly fond of pork, but I think during this meal I ate at least five different meat types.

Superior service and an inventive menu make this a place well worthy of going back and trying again.

**After twelve wonderful years, Incanto hosted its final dinner service on March 24, 2014. Constantine can still be found cooking at his newest gastronomical destination, Cockscomb.