Kitchen Story

On the weekends, residents of San Francisco go to eateries to partake in a protracted ritual called “brunch”. I arrived at Kitchen Story at 10:40am to catch up with 3 of my buddies from UCSD and was relieved to find out that we had an estimated wait time of ONLY 60 minutes. By 11:30am I counted over 70 hungry and anxious brunchers waiting outside in the misty and cool August atmosphere.

By the time the hostess called our name, we eagerly sat down so we could warm up and eat. Perhaps one trick to making brunch taste better is to feed people who are hungry, or even hangry, so anything you serve them will taste even better.

We ordered 4 different platters to share amongst ourselves:

1. Frisco Benedict: Two poached eggs on levain bread with chicken mango sausage, avocado, cherry pepper, Meyer Lemon hollandaise, and fried potatoes. This fulfills every promise of a heavy and filling brunch entrée.

2. Red & Green Benedict: Two poached eggs on levain bread with spinach, mushroom, roasted tomato, and mango salsa.

3. Grilled Veggie Morning Melt: A forgettable dish of mushroom, asparagus, arugula, red onion, avocado, cherry pepper, and cheese pressed between flavorless white bread.

4. Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French Toast: Glad we split this four ways! 1/4 of this heavy, sweet dish sufficed.

In summary, I thought the food was tasty, but I cannot fathom why people are willing to stand outside for hours, waiting to eat here. Now I am determined to start a food movement, and I shall call it “Cook Your Own Eggs”.