Local Mission Eatery

Having a reservation mishap, I knew that getting a new, last-minute reservation for five people on a n uneventful Thursday night would still be a daunting task. After checking in with 10 restaurants on my short list of places I am eager to try, the hostesses took no pity on us and not even one of them would accommodate our modest-sized party. It seems as though San Francisco, a food obsessed city with more restaurants per square foot than any other city in the U.S., somehow does not seem to have enough restaurants to keep up with the demand.

Fortunately, there was one place not too far from my house that was willing to seat the five of us with just a few hours notice. We headed down 24th street to dine at Local Mission Eatery, brought to you buy the owners of all things local: Local’s Corner, Local Mission Market, and Local Cellar. Clearly they have a niche- everything on their menu is local.

We started our meal with some fresh country bread and whipped lard. Yes, lard… Butter certainly makes everything taste better, but can lard do the same? The chef here would say yes. I personally would just prefer salted butter.

The other appetizers were tasty, but unoriginal. Housemade pickles and nuts seems to be a staple at any bar in the city these days. I did enjoy my first course that I shared which comprised of risotto with swiss chard, chanterelles, egg yolk, and daffodil. Yolky flowers was a new combination for me, and I liked it! We also shared a salad-like dish with marinated beets, apples, granola mint, and chèvre

The trout, which I shared for my second dish, was tasty but again, not very imaginative. The other vegetarian appetizer as the charred broccoli with cippolini, fiscalini cheddar, confit lemon, and black olives. For the main course we shared McFarland Springs Trout with rose, smoked potatoes, beets, and mustard greens.

For me, the highlight of this meal was the desserts. I greatly appreciated the seasonality of one dish that had candied persimmons, gingersnaps, walnuts, honey, and fresh cream. Being a chocoholic, it is of no surprise that I also ordered and loved the chocolate cake with layers of mousse and fresh cream. We certainly ended this meal on a sweet note.