Local’s Corner

Local’s Corner is not exclusively for local’s, but it just so happens to be situated on my brunch buddy’s corner in the Lower Mission district. For my first time, I ordered breakfast from a prix fix menu.  The simple menu allowed me and my brunch buddy to try nearly everything on the menu. I appreciate how the kitchen focused on making a small selection of quality food versus creating an expansive menu which could affect the overall creativity. That being said, two people is plenty sufficient to taste a symphony of flavors.

I am generally not an egg person (gasp!) but the egg dishes here won me over. The farm egg scrambled with maitake mushrooms, chive, and chèvre just melted in my mouth. The other egg dish had a perfectly poached, slightly translucent egg that lay on a bed of potato hash. It had the perfect ratio of firmness to oozing creaminess.

The open kitchen, laid back staff, and collection of small wooden tables in this humble corner spot make this a comfortable and inviting neighborhood dining destination. Much of the menu includes seafood to pay gratitude to the Pacific Ocean which cradles San Francisco. Part of the eatery’s mission is to use seafood caught by local fisherman in a sustainable method making this a bonafide San Francisco eatery.


**After two and a half years of business, Local’s Corner closed in November 2014.