Within the brightly dressed walls, Loló serves non-traditional Mexican-stye “tapas” food on the Valencia corridor in the Mission district.

Housemade chips and salsa served in a traffic light pattern are brought to the table as you try to chose your order. It would be unwise to miss out on the guacamole with cotija cheese and blue corn chips.


Contrary to popular belief, the Caesar salad is not named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, but instead after Caesar Cardini, an Italian who immigrated to Tijuana, Mexico. So a Caesar salad is actually a very appropriate thing to have on the menu in a Mexican restaurant. Since the Caesar salad is only offered on the dinner menu, we instead ordered a dino kale salad with pear, walnuts, and queso fresco.

While you may find ceviche throughout Mexico, the wanton crackers that serves as the vessel for this ceviche dish is certainly Asian inspired. The ceviche comprised of raw shrimp, mussels and tilapia marinated in a citrus sauce with tomatoes, onions, and aji amarillo. 

We finished off with fried empanadas served with chipotle salsa and stuffed with hongos (mushrooms) and queso (cheese).

¡Que Delicioso!