After just reading the most thorough nation-wide burrito comparison I have ever come across, I had visions of an El Farolito burrito running through my mind. So when seeking out a brunch spot on a atypically warm summer Sunday in San Francisco, I was excited to stumble upon Papito, the newest dinning destination in Hayes Valley. Hayes Valley was bereft of a Mexican eatery, so this is a highly anticipated and welcomed new addition to the neighborhood. While Papito lacks the authentic feel of La Taqueria and the weigh-you-down effect of El Farolito, they can still whip up a pretty tasty burrito.

The inside decor was funky and fun, and the space had a lot of natural lighting. We took a seat a the bar to order our food. Tempted by the alluring drink menu posted grandly on the side of the wall, we were disappointed to find out that they had not got their liquor license approved yet. Instead, we ordered a horchata. The rice beverage lacked much flavor; it could have used a lot more cinnamon and vanilla. The huevos rancheros were dry and disappointing- even the runny egg yolks seemed to fail at contributing any creaminess to the dish. I truthfully really enjoyed my rock cod super burrito. It tasted fresh and definitely filled me up to a satisfactory level. However, at $12 per burrito, coming here will probably be more of a rarity than a regular occurrence.