Ever since the San Francisco Giants built Pacific Bell Park (now called AT&T park), developers started working on cleaning up the entire waterfront. There are a slew of construction projects including more housing being built, UCSF Mission Bay’s new hospital, and many places to eat. Serpentine is just one of the the new restaurants in the Dogpatch neighborhood. Owned by the same people that own the popular Mission eatery called Slow Club. Even though it is out of the way for most people, the opening of Serpentine gained notable attention.

While grabbing lunch on a weekday in a neighborhood with almost no foot traffic, we were unapologetically told as we walked into Serpentine that no tables are available because every table was reserved. Looking around at an over half-empty restaurant, they finally offered us a seat at the bar which we begrudgingly accepted.

My favorite Fall menu in SF, since we do not get to experience the leaves changing colors, is squash. Butternut squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, delicata squash, kabocha, red curry squash- I love them all! So naturally, I ordered the salad with squash in it.

I also shared the savory bread pudding which had gooey gruyere, various winter veggies, and summer squash. I’m surprised I do not see bread pudding on menus more often because its an ingenious way to purpose stale bread leftover from the day before. All it takes is some good cheese and heat to bind it all together into a delicious tangled, tasty mess.

The tasty food here, however, was not enough to counteract the distracting atmosphere with an uninviting hostess. If I find myself back in the neighborhood looking for a lunch spot, I’ll definitely head to one of the many other restaurants within walking distance.