Slow Club

With easy parking and an inventive menu, it is easy to see why Slow Club is a cherished neighborhood spot. Coming in on a Monday night, we had no problem getting a table, nor were we distracted by ambient noise, as is the problem with so many popular restaurants in the Mission district.

After ordering some creative cocktails, we started our meal off with a creamy, white corn soup. Being particularly sweet this season, chefs all over SF are inventing new recipes to incorporate corn into their dishes, and shying away from the traditional “corn-on-the-cob” presentation. We shared a caesar salad, too heavily dressed, but the little gem lettuces still held up their perfect shape and had a nice, crisp texture. 

The heirloom tomato salad was unremarkable. Even though the components tasted good individually, they did not complement each other well. For the main course we shared a vegetarian fettuccine dish with chanterelles in a creamy basil sauce. The wild king salmon, which laid on top of a bed of greens in a rich and thick tomato sauce, definitely stood out.

Seeing as this was my birthday dinner, we ordered nearly the entire dessert menu. Not surprisingly, my favorite of the three desserts we tried was the TCHO chocolate mouse cake with house-made strawberry ice cream. Being 25 is already so sweet!