The Chocolate Lab

For my 25th birthday, I put my small group of friends to the test by ordering nearly everything off the dessert menu at The Chocolate Lab. This “lab” is a sweet and savory dining spot in the Dogpatch neighborhood which was started by the husband and wife duo, Michael and Jacky Recchiuti, who started Recchiuti Confections. Since I lead chocolate tasting tours in SF that stops for tastings at Recchiuti’s hope in The Ferry Building, I have already tried many of their confections. I’ve tried many of Recchiuti’s truffles. However, this would be my first attempt trying any of their dessert entrées.

We started our chocolate meal off with a small cup of drinking chocolate with a homemade marshmallow. The molten chocolate was so thick and rich, we immediately started to question our decision to just eat dessert for dinner.

For our second course we tasted this beautiful Chocolate Lab Cake. It is a devil’s food cake layered with bittersweet ganache, enveloped in a Recchiuti proprietary blend of 65% semisweet chocolate wrap, enhanced with cacao nib infused foam, topped with caramelized cacao nibs, swimming in coffee creme anglaise. Yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

Third we tried the highly recommended carrot cake. You may be wondering, where is chocolate? In between each layer is cake is a thick and creamy milk chocolate mousse. The cake is also topped with a non-traditional white chocolate frosting and caramelized pecans. It is served with a butterscotch custard creme.

Next we tried the Pot de Creme. Recchiuti Confections is known for their signature burnt caramel, so we had to had a dish that highlighted this unique flavor. In this dessert, the chef blended the burnt Caramel into a milk chocolate custard, sprinkled it with sugar and melted it into a brittle sugar crust. The crust was topped with a hazelnut crumble and figurative butter cookies.

For the last dessert, which we were almost too satiated to eat, we had the extra-rich brownie served a la mode, which was topped with an extra-bitter chocolate sauce.

This array of sweets definitely beats having a homogenous birthday cake.