Brunch in Portland

There may not be a city that can do brunch quite as well as Portland can. Perhaps the dewy mornings incentivizes Portlanders to have these unstructured mornings built around long and delicious bunches. 

There are several brunch trends that I observed:

1. Bloody Mary’s are the brunch drink of choice. There are embellished with an assortment of delicious pickled veggies and a spicy burn that went along with them. They are ambrosial, but be wary of ordering more than one.

2. The good brunch places (and there are many of them) are all super packed. Be prepared to wait at least an hour for your table.

3. Eating meat is trendy. Portland is all about sustainably raised (pasture raised and non-GMO) meats, from small-scale farms.

4. A lot of these awesome dining destinations are situated on random city streets. Don’t just search for restaurants on the busy streets; be ready to explore the many neighborhoods of Portland.