Bar Tartine

Bar Tartine is one of my favorite restaurants in The Mission. I am unabashed in my love for bread and at Tartine bakery's flagship restaurant, they celebrate their famous sourdough and sprouted breads.

We started with the porridge bread and sprouted rye bread, which we paired with kefir butter in buttermilk and farmer’s cheese dip with paprika. 

My favorite dish that we shared was the sprouted lentil croquettes with kefir and arugula. This is a playful dish with many textures and colors.

Next we shared the braised greens, garnished with seeds, and served on a layer or celery purée.

For the main entrée we shared a snapper dish with kabocha squash in a creamy pumpkin stew.

Bar Tartine is also known for their desserts. Most of the desserts are savory in preparation and bold in flavor. Nothing on the dessert menu is overly saccharine, which I find preferable. Both the waitstaff and I recommended exploring at least one of the whimsical desserts. We shared a honey soaked parsnip terrine topped with bee pollen.