The Ramen Shop

The Ramen Shop is a ramen lover's paradise. Though the price is high for what is considered standard street-fare in Japan, the trek to Oakland and wait in line is worth the rewards. The appetizers here combine local California ingredients with Japanese umami flavors. The ramen comes served with house made noodles in a pipping hot bowl. The ramen sous chef gently places half of an egg into each uniquely shaped and painted ceramic bowl. The center of the egg is custard-like in texture and melts in your mouth. With generous cuts of mushrooms and vegetables, this dish provides more than enough food for one sitting. That being said, the bowls are empty at the end of the meal because the food is so tasty that even one with an abstemious appetite cannot resist finishing their meal. 

We started sharing an appetizer of sierra mackerel nanbanzuke with avocado, cucumber, sweet peppers, red torpedo onions, frisee, watercress, shiso, and spicy ponzu.

I recommend eating at the counter so you can watch the ramen chefs in action. When the noodles go into the boiling water to begin cooking, the sous chef announces, "Dropping!", while another chef sets a timer. The fun spectacle is fast yet composed.

For non pork-eaters, the veggie ramen is on fleek. I ordered the veggie meyer lemon shoyu ramen with salt-cured egg, maitake and king oyster mushrooms, tomato confit, piricicaba, roasted delicata squash, watermelon radish, and mizuna.   

On Monday nights only there is the house special of Mendocino nori tsukemen with gyokai-shoyu dipping sauce, pork chashu, shoyu-marinated egg, chanterelle mushrooms, scallions, sweet onions, and frilly mustard greens. The room-temperature noodles are dipped into the hot broth and then slurped.