Babette is a whimsical cafe located in the newly renovated Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA). Hidden upstairs, I discovered this place only after completing my two years of studying at the University of California, Berkeley. Had I known about this cafe sooner, I'm sure I would have worked on a research project or two here while sipping on some cardamon coffee or eating a pistachio and lemon almond torte (pictured below). 

For my lunch meeting, all three of us ordered a trio of salads. Fresh, seasonal, and homemade, this light and scrumptious option allowed us to taste many of the menu's offerings. I really loved the beet, fennel, and parsley salad, which bursted with color. The salad perfectly complemented the technicolored Hippie Modernism exhibition featured one level below, which I checked out after lunch.

This quintessential Berkeley day made me realize how much I am going to miss what has become by home for two years. Treats such as Babette, however, provide incentives to come back to visit soon.