Similar to other titans of sushi-making, Kusakabe only offers an omakase style meal with two dinnertime seating times per night. Omakase means "I leave it up to you", so there is no menu to order from, per say. Whatever the chef thinks will taste best that evening, perhaps even moments before serving the food, is what patrons will eat. While you cannot count on ordering beloved favorites from an omakase menu, this style of dining guarantees that the food will be as fresh as possible. The only choice that you have to make, besides which drink(s) to consume, is how many courses you would like to taste. Note: the price and size of the meals differ greatly.

As a very special graduation treat with some very special friends, we tasted from the seven course menu. The menu mainly consisted of sushi dishes, but some other non-sushi dishes were included as well. Here, the food invited us to use all five senses as we slowly ate through the each of the dishes that Chef Nori, originally from Kyoto, prepared. What follows is our shared experience.