Tacos Cala

The best tacos in town may be from this hole-in-the-wall only open at lunchtime from 11am-2pm. San Franciscans are very sensitive when it comes to choosing "the best" taco spot. However, the creativity, flavor, and freshness at Tacos Cala can certainly outrival any of its competitors.

What I particularly appreciated about Tacos Cala, aside from the insanely tastey homemade corn tortillas and salsa, was the creativity of the taco fillings. Every taco had a unique filling, none of which I had ever tried before. I accidentally ordered the poached egg taco. A single gooey egg, on top of a bed of black beans and rice, melted its richness as I bit into it. As an ode to my love for Scandinavian cuisine, I also had a smoked ling cod taco with avocados and potatoes. The more classic "pollo en pipian" also tasted nothing like any chicken taco that I had ever had before. The pumpkin seed sauce added such depth to the softly pulled chicken. A side of pickled carrots added a crunchy contrast to the supple tacos. If I find myself looking for a meal around length time in Hayes Valley, I will definitely come back to this offspring of Cala.

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