The Corner at 108

One of the greatest delights of living in Copenhagen is having access to some of the world's best bakeries. With a plethora of places to overdose on buttery deliciousness, it's hard to become a "destination" bakery in Copenhagen. The Corner at 108, however, has managed to claim a esteemed noteriary as a "must do" in Copenhagen. People from all over Copenhagen - as well as international food lovers - venture here for the morning pastries and cakes.

The list of offerings at The Corner is minimal. They typically sell three types of pastries and one type of cake that you can pair with the simple beverage menu. 

We ordered all three pastries so we could try them all. While eating a total of one and a half pastries each seemed very doable, the richness of these pillowy baked goods left us full after just one.

I savored every bite here, especially knowing that this would be my last taste of Danish pastries before leaving Denmark after my 3-month summer work-stay.