Doppio Zero

Pizza is not just pizza–or so I learned whilst reading reading Bon Appetit’s revealing article on the difference between the regional variations of pizza. Before expanding my cranium with knowledges of the nuances of pizza types, I just defined pizza as I saw it: thin crust, square crust, deep dish, and the occasional “artisanal” pizza with seasonal hipster toppings, such as arugula and broccoli rabe.

Learning the backstory to the shape, depth, and flavor profiles of these regional variations has certainly granted me a greater appreciation for one of the most beloved foods in the US.

For example, I learned that Detroit-style pizza comes in rectangular, steel trays left over from the car factories that once ruled Detroit. Have you ever had pizza cut with sizers? If so, you’ve had al taglio pizza, which literally translates to pizza “by the cut”. I tried this at Bonci on my food tour in Chicago. For lovers of a pizza with a chewy, crust and a floppy center, then Neapolitan pizza is your go-to, and Doppio Zero is a good choice of places to taste this regional variation.


Located in Hayes Street in the middle of Hayes Valley, Doppio Zero offers a surprisingly affordable meal in the center of one of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods. Hand-stretched pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, this classic Neapolitan-style pizza is a winner. Pro tip: ask for a side of extra virgin olive oil and salt to dunk the pillowy crust into–this truly elevates this carbolicious pizza!

The appetizers at Doppio Zero are also tasty. We shared the cauliflower with black currant, red onion, toasted pine nut and bread crumbs (because you can never sneak in too many carbohydrates at an Italian restaurant).

If you are looking for a casual, tasty meal that won’t break the bank, then Doppio Zero is a good choice if you are in Hayes Valley!