Bernal Star

Bernal Heights is unequivocally the most "neighborhoody" neighborhood in San Francisco. Filled with shops featuring artisan purveyors, young families, and old hippies, this neighborhood embraces the San Francisco hippie-hipster vibe. 

The main commercial corridor in Bernal Heights is Cortland Street, which hosts dozens of great restaurants serving unpretentious, but delicious fare. We had lunch at Bernal Star, which is known for it's brunch, burgers, and brews, so I went with my two favorite Bernal residents to check out those three things.

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The fish taco, via way of Baja, Mexico is a California classic. This cilantro-crusted fresh wild flounder was topped with a jicama slaw, avocado mayo, and chile de arbol salsa. Served with side of black beans, this is the perfect meal for a sunny Bernal day. 

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Partnering with local purveyors is the cornerstone of Bernal restaurants. My turkey burger came from Diestel Farms, a 4-generation family owned ranch. The turkeys there are given plenty of space to gobble and roam, and their farming practices are organic, sustainable, and raised in accordance with Global Animal Partnership wellness standards. The turkeys also happen to taste really great, especially when they are made into patties, grilled, and topped with grilled onions. Skipping the bread because I'm trying to avoid added sugars this week (not carbs per say), I ordered a lettuce wrap. 

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The salad here was mysteriously disappointing, considering how delicious everything else is on the menu. I would avoid this option unless you are really really into just lettuce. 

Overall, I will definitely will be heading back to this spot, especially on the weekend when they open up the back patio.

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