This is hands down my favorite place to eat out in LA.

Botanica is a restaurant/store/coffee shop/bakery located in Silverlake, arguably the most hipster neighborhood in LA. It is open for every meal of the day, but many locals just come in to grab their morning coffee and freshly baked, homemade bread.

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If you are going to order a caffeinated beverage, then order the Vanilla-Cardamom Latté with homemade cashew date milk. It is simply out of this world. We shared one latté between the two of us.

Botanica offers California cuisine with hints of Lebanese flavors by incorporating ingredients such as aleppo butter and dukkah. The food is super fresh and greens are the star of the show. Never before have I dined at a brunch spot where every plate was at least half way filled with fresh greens. Perhaps even more miraculously, Botanica doesn’t add ANY refined sugars to their recipes. Even their homemade, gluten-free banana buckwheat poppy seed bread toasted in ghee and paired with with citrus-ginger-cardamom yogurt and rhubarb compote has no refined sugars.

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Next, we shared the morning mezze, which is a compilation of housemade butternut squash hummus, roasted beetapple-radish salad with dukkah (nuts, seeds, spices), six-minute egg with salsa verde, marinated olives, and a slice of their homemade bread.

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I would also highly recommend the Turkish eggs. The perfectly poached farm eggs are doused in aleppo-urfa butter, garlicky yogurt with lemony salad, charred scallions, and cornmeal focaccia. If savory breakfasts were always this tasty, I would never order French toast again.

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I would definitely love to come back and try everything else on their menu, including dinner service. Until then, they post some of their most popular recipes online for free, so I will get creative in the kitchen to try to recreate this insane deliciousness.

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