My favorite place to eat out in the Dogpatch neighborhood is Piccino because the locally sourced ingredients collaborate to make memorable dishes. For example, look no further than the funghi pizza. Piccino’s mushroom pizza is not only topped with mushrooms, but to the sauce is also also purée of roasted mushrooms and garlic–it’s overwhelming in the best possible way. There is a modest amount of stracchino, garlic, and parsley on top of the pie, and baked together to create the perfect pizza pie.


I ordered the grilled octopus for brunch. While unusual to have octopus first thing on a cold, rainy morning, I had no regrets. The tender tentacles were paired with marble potatoes, smoked paprika, Meyer lemon, and cilantro. For those who are feeling less adventurous, Piccino also has more “classic” brunch items such as soft scrambled eggs with prosciutto, parmesan, and a side of roasted spuds with a green salad.  


Piccino also has a café and bakery attached to the restaurant; their baked goods are found on the restaurant menu, as well as hipster cafes throughout San Francisco. To compliment my savory brunch, I shared the candied ginger scone, which came with a side of salted butter and berry jam. The coffee drinks are also fantastic.