Hook Fish Co.

Eating is easy. Being a thoughtful consumer, however, is not always so. I am grateful to live in San Francisco, where so many chefs do the heavy lifting of sourcing sustainable (and delicious) foods on my behalf. Hook Fish is seafood eatery that serves as a prime example of a retail business that sources sustainable seafood for consumers. They pride themselves in knowing “the story of where your fish comes from, how it was caught, and who caught it.”

A hint of nostalgia for my days living in San Diego hit me when I biked to Hook Fish on a surprisingly sunny January day. Crowded, I still manage to find a space to eat outside so I could soak in the perfume of the salty humid air from the Pacific Ocean.

At Hook Fish you can choose the type of fish you want in your tacos at the seafood counter–or you can just order the Fish of the Day. Today happened to be wild caught salmon, so that easily made my decision.

With my food companion, we shared a salmon burrito and salmon tacos. The tacos had avocado, pico de gallo, pickled slaw, spicy aioli, and housemade corn tortillas. The salmon burrito had black beans, rice, avocado, pico de gallo, pickled slaw, and spicy aioli.

The real star of the meal, however, was the housemade carrot habanero hot sauce. Vibrantly orange, I doused this hot sauce over my whole meal. My mouth tingled, but the sweetness from the carrots and heat from the chilis really enhanced this meal. It also gave me a good excuse to eat a few more tortilla chips.