Samovar is an organic tea shop with locations sprinkled throughout the city. Aiming to offer a place to retreat and slow down in the bustle of the city, Samovar is an alternative to the “thousands” of coffee shops in SF. 

The owners aim to forage relationships with artisan tea farmers from around the world. Growing leaves from tea is hard work, and sourcing tea ethically is critical. At Samovar, you are paying a premium, but you know you are drinking tea that is almost entirely organic, and cultivated using more sustainable farming practices. 

For a team outing, we got to try the tea as well as the food on the menu at the location in Yerba Buena (downtown SF). Located on a terrace, this is a perfect place when the weather is nice enough to sit outside.

(Left) Butternut Squash Potstickers

(Right) Grilled Halloumi Cheese and Veggie Kebabs

(Left) Scone Platter: Fresh-baked cherry oat scone, cream, jam, butter, fresh fruit.

(Right) Salmon Egg Bowl: Two poached eggs, smoked salmon, organic brown rice, sauerkraut, ginger-soy dipping sauce.